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2016 Update

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Inform 7 has continued to evolve in the years since the book’s first publication. Some exciting new features have been added, but unfortunately, some syntax changes make it more difficult to follow along with the book as you’re learning the language. If you’d like to follow along with the examples, my current recommendation is to […]

Welcome, newcomers!

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One of my greatest satisfactions about the book is that it’s not just preaching to the choir; it’s found an audience of people outside the IF old guard. One of these folks has posted some of his thoughts about starting to learn Inform 7, which conclude with this very kind plug: By the way, I […]

A new build of Inform has been released, marking the second update since the book’s publication. The Updates and Errata page has been reorganized and updated to detail how the book’s text and Sand-dancer’s code should be changed for both to be up-to-date with the lastest release, and a new release of Sand-dancer has been […]

The e-version of the book is unavailable for purchase from Amazon outside of the United States, for reasons which are equally opaque to both myself and the publisher. One solution is to buy it from, which has it available in several different digital formats. Another solution: I’ve heard that temporarily changing the address associated […]

Another review has appeared online, this one from Brooks Reeves’ blog The Quiet Sunday. “I was a little hesitant to order the book to begin with,” Brooks writes. With all the great Inform 7 resources available online, “why would you plop down thirty bucks for a text book which should, in theory, tell you nothing […]

Another review

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Another review has been posted, over here. It’s interesting to hear the take of someone who’s not an IF vet. Check it out.

E-book Now Available

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An electronic version of Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. Many people might not be aware that you no longer need a Kindle to read Amazon e-books: they have reader software for many platforms including the iPhone and iPod, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, and Mac, with your reading […]

Andrew Plotkin has just posted a review of Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 over at The Gameshelf. It’s great to hear some in-depths reactions starting to come in, especially ones that include the word “awesome.”

Amazon has posted the Table of Contents, Index, and first few pages on their website for the book. Click on the cover or “Look Inside!” to view this material. They’ll begin shipping copies out on tonight and tomorrow!

Sticky: Welcome!

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Greetings, and welcome to the official site for the book Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7. Here you can find supplementary information, code and info about the example game, Sand-dancer, the latest news on Inform, and helpful links to interactive fiction resources.